Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fishing Apps for the Musky Hunter.

High tech software is in the fishing world in a big way. So the big question is "which apps are the best for Musky fishing?" I am suggesting four fishing apps with these things in mind, GPS location, weather reports, moon and sun (rise & set), moon phases, tackle used, and the app being user friendly. 

The ability to download catch history to a spreadsheet and/or a map is a great learning tool. Also must apps come with a share button to let all your friends know how your day on the water is going. Most fishing app software companies have free downloadable demos and the pro versions are less then $5.00.

Click Here for the new free downloadable  (Mad_Musky). The App feathers:
Biggest Musky 23013
Biggest Musky 2010, 2011 & 2012
Best Big Musky Lakes
Madison Musky Report (local)

Fishing Apps:
Fish Logger:
Fishin' Buddy:  Joolasoft Software
My Fishing Companion:
My Fishing Journal:  Mindware Consulting Inc.

See you on the water! Pops